Initiative Outdoor offer educational courses for river professionals, Mountaineers and para pilots around the South Asia and is a training provider for Sierra rescue. We have over 28 years of experience as front country and wilderness EMTs, wild-land and structure fire fighters, river guides, climbing and mountaineering guides, instructors in outdoor leadership, members of search and rescue teams. With our diverse background and our 15 years of teaching experience we strive to offer you the best and most fun course for your time and money. Sierra Rescue was founded in order to offer quality professional courses for a multitude of individuals. We specialize in matching the best rescue class and first aid training for each groups specific needs. We are flexible with matching your need with the appropriate curriculum and love the challenge of matching you with a class that is perfect for the environment and activities that you do. Sierra Rescue matches you with the skills and the certification that you and your organization need. Our independent contractors also travel to your site or pick a site near you that would be appropriate.