Wilderness Travel and Navigation
Duration: 3 days
Recommended Group Size: 15-30
Reality sets in fast when you need to manage a medical emergency in a remote environment in less than ideal circumstances. Get the knowledge, skills and practical experience you need to be confident in any situation, any environment, anytime.
Course Price: Nrs 25000


This fun 3-day wilderness survival course gives students the option of sleeping overnight at the survival site and reviews important survival gear and equipment needed for self-rescue. The coursework requires an above-average level of physical fitness.

What to expect?

Most rescues happen within the first 72 hours. This Wilderness Survival Travel and Navigation course is designed to teach you what to do after the first 72 hours have passed and you have not been rescued - survival on the move. Instructors demonstrate techniques associated with more advanced concepts of wilderness survival: lost human behavior, hydration, and energy conservation, navigation and orienteering, basic concepts of foraging, and more.


You should plan to have clothing appropriate to the season in which you will be taking the class, as you will spend a significant amount of time outside. The following list is to SUPPLEMENT the clothing you will be wearing. If you have trouble locating some of these items please call us as we have a limited amount for loan.

Recommended items 

  • Backpack to put everything in (medium to large)
  • Rain gear (tops and bottoms)
  • Layers of clothing (weather dependent)
  • Warm hat or sun hat (weather dependent)
  • Water bottles (at least 1 qt/litre)
  • Snacks
  • Pen and notepad
  • Wrist Watch (cell phone is not sufficient)
  • Foot wear appropriate to the terrain (closed toes, no flip flops)
  • Insect repellent & Sunscreen
  • Leather gloves
  • Old Sleeping bag or blanket
  • Fixed-blade knife (NO folding knife) Note: If you don't own a fixed-blade knife, we recommend trying some of our knives to see what you prefer
  • Sleeping pad (foam or inflatable)
  • Personal first aid kit

For overnight courses

  • Sleeping bag or sleeping pad
  • Eating utensils (including bowl & cup)
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Non-perishable food (e.g. mountain house camping food)
  • Students staying in Basecamp lodging - bring linens/sleeping bag, pillow, towel, & cooking utensils (if planning to use the shared kitchen)

Course Topics

  • Lost Human Behavior
  • Hydration
  • Energy Conservation
  • Navigation & Orienteering
  • Basic Concepts of Foraging
  • Minimum Age: 14 (All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian)
  • Recommended For: Outdoor enthusiasts

Groups welcome, start planning your courses today.

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