Duration: 3 days
Recommended Group Size: 15-30
This course puts an equal emphasis on the student’s outdoor leadership skill development.
Course Price: .


Outdoor education helps develop life skills that cannot be gained in the classroom and contributes significantly to personal all-round development. In fact, these ‘out of classroom’ experiences can actually help increase the capacity for academic learning by encouraging different approaches for thinking about and solving problems. 


Course Dates and Location
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What to expect?


The course will take place in the Bandipur Initiative outdoor Thumpka camp. Students will experience the beauty and the challenge that the mountains provide. Surrounded by limestone walls, caves, and rugged mountains. instructors will lead students through a variety of wilderness experiences.

Outdoor programs instill in students a sense of responsibility, assist them in building trust, self confidence and a strong sense of team spirit. An additional benefit of outdoor education is that students learn to enjoy, respect and care for the natural environment.


The course includes:  

✔ Food and accommodation  

✔ All the equipment needed for the course  

✔ Rescue and medical certified instructors by SOLO Wilderness Medicine and Rescue 3 International

The above costs exclude: 

✔ Students Insurance and  

✔ Emergency Evacuation


Check List 

  • Backpack (that can fit all of your gear inside including food items, and utensils) - Above 60 liters. - 1
  • Garbage Bag 60 liters - 1
  • Lightweight Sleeping Bag (Normal) - 1
  • Sleeping Mattress - 1
  • Water Bottle - 1
  • Headlamp (with spare batteries) - 1
  • Sun scream (40 SPF)
  • Toothbrush and paste
  • Plate, Mug & Spoon
  • Toiletries


  • Quick dry t-shirts (Polyester) - 1
  • Sun hat - 1
  • Cotton T-shirts - 1
  • Walking trousers - 2
  • Warm Jacket - 1
  • Socks -3 pairs
  • Hiking Boot (With Ankle support) - 1 Pair

Life Improvement

Running outdoor activities and leadership training modules can take a number of formats. We can work with you to customize the most appropriate one for your needs. Please see the following samples for ideas. All programs below are based on a group of 10 students. Prices are subject to change based on the actual group size and activities selected.


The I.O topics include:

  • Gear and clothing
  • Camp craft and skills
  • Cooking, nutrition, and stoves
  • Organizing your: trip, pack, tent, and camp
  • Navigation
  • Basic first aid
  • Staying warm
  • Leave No Trace principles
  • Packing and packing lighter
  • Avoiding problems with animals and weather

The I.O instructors are passionate and experienced hikers who love the outdoors, enjoy sharing their knowledge, and deeply know their gear and skills.

Group sizes should be between 10 and 20 students. This size of group is optimal for creating a  positive learning environment. We will always ensure to keep an appropriate number of staff on  every course to maintain our low instructor-student ratios. The location and setting for courses  can vary from being a base camp with basic amenities and facilities to being a complete  wilderness location. Our experience has shown that designing a course according to age group is  most effective. This allows us to deliver modules that suit their specific needs, requirements and  capabilities.  

Groups welcome, start planning your courses today.

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