Initiative Outdoor is proud to partner with a network of trailblazers in the outdoor community.


SOLO was established in early 1970s and grew out of the vision of its founders Frank Hubbell and Lee Frizzell (husband and wife). As Frank recalls, pre-hospital care was in its infancy, and an organized EMS system didn’t exist yet in New Hampshire. The concept of providing emergency care to the sick and injured revolved around what is today referred to as the “Golden Hour”. The year 2000 saw SOLO’s wilderness medical protocols reviewed and formally adopted by the State of NH and the awarding of undergraduate credit for many of SOLO’s programs through Vermont’s Sterling College. In addition, several schools joined the growing number of colleges offering SOLO programs on a semester basis.

Thirty years after the official founding of SOLO, interest in wilderness medicine training is still growing. Eight, month-long WEMT courses are offered by the campus annually along with several dozen other programs. Since SOLO has been a licensed NH rescue unit for years, it’s staff and students continue to volunteer on backcountry search and rescue missions in the White Mountains.


Rescue 3 International was founded in 1979.Nearly 30 years later it’s mission remains the same: to provide flood, water, and rope rescue training to individuals and organizations with an emphasis on ways to keep rescuers from becoming victims. As a result, Rescue 3 has risen to become the recognized leader in water and flood rescue, training over 150,000 students throughout the US and 32 foreign countries. Known for it’s dynamic curriculum and utilizing state of the art techniques. Rescue 3 is constantly developing new and innovative rescue techniques, improving on old techniques, and working with manufacturers to develop equipment to meet rescuers needs.

One thing that sets us apart is it’s dedication to providing students with practical, real world experience. To this end, all of Rescue 3’s instructors are professionals working in the disciplines they teach. It’s instructors include paramedics, firefighters, law enforcement officers, and search and rescue team members, as well as river guides and military personnel. While Rescue 3’s instructors come from a wide variety of fields, they all share a passion for saving lives and teaching others to do the same.


NOLS was founded by legendary mountaineer Paul Petzoldt in 1965. It’s a non – profit educational institution which takes people of all ages with great excitement if it is about teaching technical outdoor skills, wilderness expedition and leadership and environmental ethics in some of the world’s wildest and most awe – inspiring classrooms. The courses offered by NOLS cannot be taught in a small classroom. The wilderness provides the perfect and ideal setting for this unique education and so is what NOLS does ever time in it’s every single course doesn’t matter if the course is of 10 days or full academic year.


As individuals who enjoy the outdoors, it is our responsibility to help conserve those places we explore and use for our own pleasure and education. LNT is a set of guidelines devised to reduce the impact of one’s activities on the environment while traveling in the outdorrs. I.O. adheres to the LNT principles on all courses and encourages the attitudes to be brought into our daily lives, both in the wilderness and at home.

Please Practice Leave No Trace:

— Plan Ahead and Prepare

— Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces

— Dispose of Waste Properly

— Leave What You Find

— Minimize Campfire Impact

— Respect Wildlife

— Be Considerate of Other Visitors


The Alex Lowe Foundation and Khumbu Climbing Center