4 Days


Throughout the 4-day clinic, you will learn all the basic skills of kayaking, including paddle strokes, Eskimo rolls, Eskimo rescue, and the art of reading whitewater. While the priority is on safety, we don’t forget the joys of a more intimate relationship with the magical Himalayan whitewater! 


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"Learn to Kayak with the Professionals ", Initiative Outdoorrun a series of Kayak Clinics each season. These introductory courses are designed for those with little or no previous kayaking experience. The thrill and gratification of learning to kayak in the Himalayas is a great start to kayaking. Throughout the 4-day clinic, you will cover all the basic skills including paddle strokes, Eskimo rolls, Eskimo rescues, and the art of reading whitewater.  The priority is safety, not forgetting however the joys of a more intimate relationship with the magical Himalayan Whitewater! Our instructors are some of the best whitewater paddlers and kayak instructors in the world with a strong history of running rivers worldwide.  The clinics are supported by state-of-the-art rafting equipment, which carries all personal gear, camping, and other supplies down the river to our campsites. 


The Sunkoshi River is one of the most beautiful and pristine rivers in the Himalayas. With dense remote jungle, exquisite sandy beaches, and class II – III whitewater runs, perfect for beginner kayakers.



There is a pre-departure briefing in our Lalitpur office on the evening before the expedition at 6 PM.  This is a chance to get the group together and discuss the clinic. At the meeting, you have a chance to meet the instructors and support group, and we can answer any final queries, give out personal gear bags and collect money for the beer kitty. Afterward, we will probably head to one of our local favorites for a relaxed meal.  


Day 1


After breakfast we head to the Sunkoshi beach camp to be kitted with your means of transportation for the next 4 days; that being your kayak and all personal kayaking gear.  Once everyone is kitted and fitted, we head to Sunkoshi Beach camp in sindupalchowk and spend the day familiarizing ourselves with being in a kayak, covering the basic paddle strokes and with an aim to perfect the perfect still Eskimo roll.  We break for lunch and continue our water acrobatics well into the late afternoon.


We head back to the Camp to change into dry clothes, set up our bedding for the night on the big compound, and enjoy some real home cooking. 


Day 2 – 3


We wake the next morning for an early breakfast From here until take out, we live and breathe and sleep kayaking. We wake early each morning to get a good start on the day and with the combination of riverside theoretical and whitewater practical instruction to hone those much-needed skills, you'll be looking for that perfect play hole to show off your surfing techniques before long!


On average, we paddle for 5 – 6 hours each day.  You'll quickly begin to feel muscles you never knew existed before. We camp out each night on river beaches, and after enjoying a hearty meal there is time to relax by the campfire with a hot rum punch exchanging, and often exaggerating whitewater tales and experiences. 


Day 4


Although progress and skill depend on the individual, by day 4 most clients have a reliable whitewater roll and easily make their way through the class III rapids on this last day.  We kayak to the take-out point at Nepalthok, load the bus, and relax on the return journey to Kathmandu.  After a much-needed hot shower and change of clothes, the group usually gets together to enjoy an end-of-the-trip meal at one of the popular restaurants in Kathmandu. 

Your trip cost includes:

  • Transportation to and from the river.
  • Accommodation/Tents.
  • Meals (from lunch on Day 1 to lunch on Day 4).
  • Internationally certified kayak instructors.
  • State-of-the-art kayaking equipment and safety gear (including dry bags, helmets, life vests, etc.).
  • River permits.


Other Activities